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Close the door softly as you go: 2013 in review & an optimistic look at the year ahead

A lot of people I know had a very rough 2013. They’ve said “Hey 2013! Don’t the let the door hit your ass on the way out!” For me, the year wasn’t without its challenges and I’m looking forward to 2014 with a sense of purpose & excitement that I haven’t felt in years. I […]

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Unexpected delights: Divorce Doula nominated by vancouvermom.ca

Well, I wasn’t expecting THAT. Less than one year after my first Divorce Doula post, I woke up to discover that I’ve been selected as one of the top 30 blogs in Vancouver by vancouvermom.com Hashtag AWESOME! As I’ve said previously I love writing this blog. It gives me an outlet for my erstwhile creative […]

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Divorce Doula – not just for divorced people!

This past weekend, I had a chance to speak with three happily married friends who confessed that they were big Divorce Doula fans. I was a little surprised, but extremely pleased to hear how much they enjoyed my blog, because I kind of assumed that my audience consisted of mostly divorced people or those contemplating […]

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Co-parenting with dignity & humour. Even when your child is “particular.”

  My ex texted me this morning after he dropped the kids off at school: “I think I’m going to start a blog.” My first response was “Oh crap. He’s going to start a Divorce Doula site for dudes. Back off, buddy!  I’m glad you’re cool with my blog about our divorce, but this is […]

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Yeah, yeah. I know what you’re thinking, seeing as I live in BC & all…but no, this is not a post about Moms who Smoke Pot. BLUNTmoms is a collection of amazing mom bloggers who want to explore different stories that aren’t always appropriate for their own personal blog sites. I am honoured to be […]

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