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Girl, please.You are NOT a single mom: when married women think they’re single parents.

“Oh, I just can’t do it! My hubby’s away on a boys’ fishing trip this weekend and I’m a single mom. It’s just too much work.” When I hear a married woman say this, it makes me want to kick her in the baby maker. You see, I am a single mom. I am divorced. My […]

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Divorce Doula – not just for divorced people!

This past weekend, I had a chance to speak with three happily married friends who confessed that they were big Divorce Doula fans. I was a little surprised, but extremely pleased to hear how much they enjoyed my blog, because I kind of assumed that my audience consisted of mostly divorced people or those contemplating […]

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Co-parenting with dignity & humour. Even when your child is “particular.”

  My ex texted me this morning after he dropped the kids off at school: “I think I’m going to start a blog.” My first response was “Oh crap. He’s going to start a Divorce Doula site for dudes. Back off, buddy!  I’m glad you’re cool with my blog about our divorce, but this is […]

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You’ve got a friend, or do you? How friendships change during your divorce

When you get divorced, you lose so much more than your spouse. Of course, many people would love to conveniently “misplace” their spouse & there were several times when I thought about leaving mine on the church steps like a box of kittens, with a “Free to Good Home” sign around his neck. But that […]

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My mid-wife crisis

  During my tenure as an unofficial Divorce Doula, friends & acquaintances who have sought me out for advice or comfort – whether serendipitously or strategically -all seem to share a similar story: partners who were working too much, playing too hard, not paying enough attention to their needs, to the needs of the family. […]

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