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Strong body, strong mind – Staying active during your divorce

I identify as a runner and although it is my sport of choice, I also weight train. Over the years, I’ve tried a variety of sports & activities to supplement my running addiction: I’ve practiced *yawn* yoga, subjected myself to the boredom of pilates & tortured myself with Bar Method. I even tried Cross Fit […]

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With this ring I now dread

Like most girls, I love shiny, sparkly things: sequins, disco balls & above all else: diamonds. But what happens when one of your most prized accessories – your engagement ring – becomes a burden instead of a bauble? When my ex & I separated, I immediately took my engagement ring off  but continued to wear […]

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Unexpected delights: Divorce Doula nominated by

Well, I wasn’t expecting THAT. Less than one year after my first Divorce Doula post, I woke up to discover that I’ve been selected as one of the top 30 blogs in Vancouver by Hashtag AWESOME! As I’ve said previously I love writing this blog. It gives me an outlet for my erstwhile creative […]

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Small sacrifices, priceless rewards

If you know me or have gotten to know me through my blog, you know that I am a runner. Running is my sport of choice, the closest thing I have to a religion, way cheaper than therapy and best of all? I get to wear pretty running shoes. For fitness, I run 3-4 times […]

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How I Met Your Mother: when do you introduce your kids to your new love?

“How long should I wait before I introduce my kids to my new partner?” If I had a dime for every time I’ve been asked this question, I’d be one rich Divorce Doula! I’d probably even stop writing this cash cow of a blog, patent some cookie cutter response & then sit back to watch the […]

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